The company

PLATING BRAP, S.A. is a Spanish company specialized in plating on plastic surfaces not being the subsidiary of any other company.
PLATING BRAP, S.A comes into being in November 2004 thanks to its readers having behind 30 years of experience in this field, withthe obvious cim of ofeering services of plating plastics parts in such a way that nowadays.  
Plating Brap has become a leader in the field of electroplating.Plating Brap is especially focosed on those plastic parts suppliers that do not have included within their process of plastic parts injection the final process of electroplating.


planta produccion


The main target of our company is yo offer as an outcome of its process flawless plated parts and this is being achieved by its well trained and dedicated staff. Staff professionals meant to co-operate with the customer, to achieve the company's targets and the give solutions.





  • Automatic equipment for water main decalcifying for a production of 10 m³/ hour
  • Automatic equipment of reverse osmosis with pre-treatment  for a production of 24 m³/ day of demineralized water
  • Automatic equipment programmed AUTOM II-S 2500/1200 for  metalizing  ABS and ABS/PC plastic parts and the ones having simultaneous finish ( glossy, burnished, gold and micro-pored)
  • Automatic equipment programmed AUTOM II – S 2500/1200 meant for the racks unmetalizing 
  • Demineralized water recycling equipment for ionic exchange having a capacity of 3 m³/ hour




Total surface: 12.000 m2
Built surface: 8.500 m2 
Capacity of production: 8.300 dm2/h