Since its coming into being, PLATING BRAP, S.A.  has taken up   the responsibility of  highly respecting the environment, both by decreasing the possible impact of its productive process as well as by promoting a correct use of resources and an optimum waste recycling.

For the above mentioned reason, the followings are included in its productive process:

  • Automatic installation of chemical-physical purification of residual waters coming from the production line and also a scrubber containing chrome and having a capacity of 12 m³ / hour. The final mud as a  waste is being taken away by an authorized company of waste.
  • Automatic installation of chemical – physical purification of residual waters coming from the production line and a scrubber containing copper and nickel having a capacity of 12 m³/ hour. Final muds end up as recoverable waste. 
  • 7 neutralizing scrubbers for washing gases proceeding from the baths

In Plating BRAP we have been continuously working on this commitment and as a result of it, at the beginning of 2019 a new decorative trivalent chromium-based sulfate finish has been implemented in the process line, with a technology that improves the environmental parameters, compared to the current technology. With this, the objectives in terms of waste reduction will be achieved.

On the other hand, we have focused on minimizing energy consumption via energy efficiency studies in order to optimize it. 

Plating BRAP is committed to having full transparency in the environmental management of its activity that can affect all the stakeholders.


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Depuración y filtrado
Depuración y filtrado
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